How to Stake JUNO with Keplr Mobile

Keplr Mobile Wallet: Staking JUNO Network Tokens - A Simplified Guide

Step 1: Setting Up Your Keplr Wallet Account

  • Visit Keplr's website to start.

  • Download the mobile app for iOS or Android, then open it.

  • In the Keplr App, select "Create new account."

  • Choose a mnemonic seed (12 or 24 words), note it down safely, then create a wallet name and password.

  • Re-enter the Mnemonic Seed to finish setting up your account in Keplr Wallet.

Step 2: Depositing JUNO in Your Wallet

  • Access your Keplr account using the password you created.

  • Click on "Deposit" button, and search for "JUNO"

  • Copy the JUNO address from Keplr and paste it into the platform where your JUNO tokens are located to transfer them.

  • Note that you can start by earning some JUNO on Final Autoclaim, that's a free way to get your first staking bag without buying anything.

Step 3: Staking Your JUNO Tokens

  • Once you have some token to stake, open the Keplr App.

  • Go to "Staked" section and click the "Stake" button.

  • Click on "Stake" button.

  • It will ask you to select the asset that you want to stake, search for 'juno' and select it.

  • Now you need to select the validator where you want to delegate, search for 'spacestake' and select it.

  • Click the β€œStake” button again.

  • Enter the amount of JUNO you wish to stake and click the β€œNext” button.

  • Confirm the transaction on Keplr by clicking on the "Approve." button

  • You will get this message once the transaction is confirmed:

  • Now, Your staking status and rewards can now be monitored. You can see your staked balance and click on "Claim All" button to claim your staking rewards! Congrats!

Step 4: Automatically Restake Your JUNO staking rewards

Our validator is compatible with automatic restaking system via REStake (

By enabling restaking, all your JUNO rewards from staking will be automatically delegated to your staking balance once you reach the minimum required reward (0.1 JUNO).

REStake only re-delegates SpaceStake's accrued rewards and tries not to touch your balance.

How to enable Restaking:

  • Choose the maximum amount that you allow us to delegate for you, you can keep it to unlimited.

  • Set the expiry date, after this date, the system will not be able to automatically delegate your rewards anymore.

  • Click the "Enable REStake" Button, and sign the transaction on your wallet.

At this step, you must see your grant status as "Active", that mean you successfully enabled restaking, congratulation!

Each 4 hours, we will check if your staking rewards are higher than 0.1 JUNO, if yes, your rewards will be automatically re-delegated, so you will earn more.

Validator Information and Support

  • SpaceStake validator address: junovaloper1za6z32wkgcuyues2z3yjjds6gvew8qrgfd684l

  • Monitor the validator status on the MintScan Explorer page.

  • For questions or assistance, you can contact us at

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